We are volunteers working to preserve the Canadian Shield landscape of the Carp Hills, which is unique within Ottawa. At 4000 hectares, this municipal nature reserve is the city’s second large natural area, a candidate Provincial and Regional ANSI, and a Provincially Significant wetland complex.

We believe that without careful stewardship the special ecology of the Carp Hills will be lost for future generations. Our challenge is to strike a balance between the desire to experience the natural beauty of the Carp Hills with protection and conservation.

Our goal is to preserve areas of the Carp Hills wilderness for conservation and areas for public recreation.

We work collaboratively with residents, landowners, the City of Ottawa, businesses, and community groups to achieve this goal. 

Our Carp Hills are home for bears, deer, fishers, otters, eagles and hawks and owls, beavers, coyotes, turtles, salamanders, snakes, and hundreds more creatures and unusual plants – all functioning together to sustain a diversity of life.

Taking guidance from First Nations wisdom, “the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.”  

Seven Generations thinking means we need to be more than just “users” of the land. We need to be Stewards of the Carp Hills, looking beyond ourselves and our desires to how we fit within the natural world in a sustainable way.

Our Carp Hills are unique, beautiful, and transcendent. It’s up to us all to be stewards of the land for future generations.

Learn about the Carp Hills.

Use only authorized trails on public property.

Minimize your impact – leave only footprints, take only memories.

Do not trespass on private property or in areas for conservation.

Get Involved: volunteer, become a member, donate.

Our Latest News
Unauthorized trail in the Carp Hills.

Sustainable Geocaching

We recently dismantled two new side trails on the Carp Barrens Trail.  One was marked with rock cairns and extended over 100 meters. Geocachers:  you can still enjoy the Carp Barrens Trail, but the same stewardship rules apply to you as to all visitors to the trail.   The creation of new unauthorized trails on City … Continue reading "Sustainable Geocaching" ...
Hidden Lake Park in the Carp Hills.

Hidden Lake Park Ecological Tour

Saturday, 8 October at 1:3o pm. Join Friends of the Carp Hills and field naturalist Art Goldsmith on Thanksgiving weekend for a family-friendly guided nature tour to learn about the ecology, plants, and animals of Hidden Lake Park in Carp.  Although only 14 acres in size, this City of Ottawa park lies on the edge … Continue reading "Hidden Lake Park Ecological Tour" ...
Carp Hills Turtle Conservation Program Webinar

Carp Hills Turtle Conservation Webinar

Monday, 7 November at 7:30pm via Zoom. This summer we ran a turtle nest monitoring program in and near the Carp Hills with support from the Canadian Wildlife Federation.  We had two goals: improve our understanding of turtle nest behaviour in the Carp Hills, and protect nests from predation, particularly those of Blanding’s and Snapping … Continue reading "Carp Hills Turtle Conservation Webinar" ...
Taking a water sample for eDNA analysis in the Carp Hills.

Volunteer Needed: Science Program Coordinator

Do you enjoy working with a variety of scientific disciplines? Do you like sharing knowledge about the natural world with others?  Do you want to use your science background to advance knowledge about Ottawa’s second largest natural area?  Read on!  There is so much to learn about the Carp Hills. We have engaged many experts … Continue reading "Volunteer Needed: Science Program Coordinator" ...
Bike and Boot cleaning stations on the Carp Barrens Trail in the Carp Hills.

Carp Barrens Reopens on 16 August

The Carp Barrens Trail reopens to the public on Tuesday, 16 August. The City of Ottawa closes the trail from after the May long weekend through 15 August to allow Species at Risk birds and turtles to nest without human disruption. Trail visitors will notice some some changes. We have installed a boot and bike … Continue reading "Carp Barrens Reopens on 16 August" ...
Blanding's turtle hatchling released into a Carp Hills pond.

Blanding’s Turtles Released

On 7 August, the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) released twelve Blanding’s turtles into a Carp Hills pond. Friends of the Carp Hills worked with CWF to conduct a turtle nest monitoring program in June to support turtle population sustainability. CWF collected twelve eggs from a roadside Blanding’s turtle nest flagged on the evening of 8 … Continue reading "Blanding’s Turtles Released" ...