Our Vision


To preserve the Carp Hills for the benefit of nature and the community in perpetuity.


To forge a partnership of private landowners, community groups, local residents, organizations, businesses, the City of Ottawa, and other levels of government, working together to create an eco-connected area of wilderness conservation and public access in the Carp Hills.


  • To identify and maintain the unique and sensitive ecology of the Carp Hills for future generations.
  • To maintain a natural connection between the Carp Hills, the Carp River Eco-Corridor, and other regional eco-corridors.
  • To provide for recreational use that does not compromise conservation of the landscape and natural heritage of the Carp Hills
  • To encourage landowner stewardship and promote good conservation practices throughout the Carp Hills.
  • To involve community stakeholders in the development, operation, and maintenance  of conservation, recreation, education, and cultural activities in the Carp Hills.