DUC Conservation Property

[To see the presentation and to read the Q&A of the public meeting held by DUC on 9 May 2018, see our post DUC Public Meeting.]

On 23 April 2018, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) announced its acquisition of 440 acres (178 hectares) in the Carp Hills for conservation purposes. 

DUC, the City of Ottawa, the Government of Canada, and several private donors joined forces to conserve the privately-owned property, which lies behind Glenncastle Drive and Inniskillin Drive in the village of Carp.  Located on iconic Canadian Shield, it is part of the Carp Hills wetland complex of ponds and marshes punctuated by rocky upland habitat of white pine and oak. The property is adjacent to existing conservation land owned by the City of Ottawa where the Crazy Horse Trail is located, expanding protection to over 600 contiguous acres on the eastern edge of the Carp Hills.

The Friends of the Carp Hills worked with DUC for over two years to help them secure this critical property.  Our vision is to provide low impact recreation on conservation land near the village while protecting the interior of the Carp Hills.  We are partnered with DUC and will provide local knowledge and stewardship of the property.  For DUC, conservation of the land is the priority; recreational use will respect its ecological sensitivity and integrity.

We thank the Honeywell family for their 65 year stewardship of this land and for their support in its acquisition. We hope that other Carp Hills landowners will be inspired to donate their land for the benefit of future generations. See Preserving Your Land for options.

(Left to right) Councillor Chernushenko, Mark Gloutney (DUC), Councillor El-Chantiry, MP Karen McCrimmon, Mayor Watson, Councillor Wilkinson, Honeywell family representatives (Bill Honeywell, Bette Gordon, and Brady Hand), and with two young Carp residents enjoying their new DUC hats.