There are two authorized trails and one path in the Carp Hills on land owned by the City of Ottawa. These are the only trails available for public use.

Crazy Horse Trail – This 6.2 km trail was created and is operated by the Friends of the Carp Hills under an agreement with the City of Ottawa.  It is a pedestrian-only trail suitable for hiking and snowshoeing.  Parking is limited at the trailhead on March Road.

For general information, a trail map, and interpretive guide, please see Crazy Horse Trail.

The trail is uneven, rocky, and rugged.  It can be wet and muddy.  Hiking boots are highly recommended.

Carp Barrens Trail – This 3 km trail loop is operated by the Friends of the Carp Hills under an agreement with the City of Ottawa and in partnership with the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association, who maintains the trail.  It is for pedestrian and mountain bike use only.  Dogs are not permitted.

For general information and a trail map, please see Carp Barrens Trail.

The trail is closed seasonally each year to protect Species at Risk nesting turtles and birds.  Trail closure runs from the first Tuesday after Victoria Day in May until August 15.

Note:  Work on the Carp Barrens Trail will be conducted in late 2020 and 2021 to close off side trails, add trailhead signs, and better delineate the existing trail loop.  Please respect the City of Ottawa’s Nature Reserve – No Entry signs.

Hidden Lake Path – This short, 650 meter crushed gravel pathway is located in 10 acre Hidden Lake Park on the edge of the Carp Hills.  It can be accessed from either Charlie’s Lane or Hidden Lake Crescent in the village of Carp.  The adjacent large pond and area around the pond is privately-owned.

Read more from the City of Ottawa about the Carp Hills Municipal Nature Reserve.