Support Land Acquisition

Donate to Support Land Acquisition in the Carp Hills

For those who want to contribute to preservation in the Carp Hills, but don’t own land, you can make a donation in cash. securities, or bequests to either Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) or to the Mississippi Madwaska Land Trust (MMLT)/

To direct your funds to DUC’s Carp Hills efforts, please contact them directly using the information on their Carp Hills page.

MMLT has a Carp Hills Opportunity Fund (CHOF).   This is a charitable fund used for any costs directly linked to the donation of land or to the establishment of conservation agreements in the Carp Hills.

A landowner can also offer “trader land”, which is land that does not qualify for conservation so it is donated to the organization, which then sells it to provide funds for Carp Hills properties.

Donations to either organization qualify for a charitable tax receipt.