Carp Barrens Trail Study Recommendations

The Carp Barrens is beautiful and people are loving it to death.  These recommendations from the Carp Barrens Trail Study, implemented by the City of Ottawa, will help keep the area special for future generations.  It is a small thing to ask people to respect these conservations measures and minimize their impact when enjoying its beauty.
  • Close an unauthorized trail on the northern half of the Barrens.
  • Authorize the Carp Barrens Trail on the southern half of the Barrens for pedestrian and mountain bike use only.
  • Reduce the footprint of the Carp Barrens Trail to a single loop with no side trails.
  • Close the trail to all human use from the Tuesday after Victoria Day weekend in May to 15 August to allow ground nesting birds and turtles to reproduce.
  • Better delineate the trail to keep people on the trail and stop wandering off-trail.
  • Prohibit dogs.
  • Limit parking for safety reasons.

In addition, the Friends of the Carp Hills will establish a monitoring plan and program to evaluate the ongoing impact of human use.

To review the options considered and understand the evidence and reasons for the recommendations, please read the Carp Barrens Trail Study.  For a summary of the study, read the final article published in Trail and Landscape magazine:  Environmental Impact Assessment of Trail on the Carp Barrens.  Part 3 of 3.