Decommissioning of Carp Barrens Trail

On October 24 and 25, the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association closed an unauthorized trail constructed on the Carp Barrens and posted signs and information provided by the City of Ottawa.  Closure of this trail was recommended by the Carp Barrens Trail Study.

Notice of Trail Closure by the City of Ottawa:

“The unauthorized trail beyond this sign was constructed on conservation land owned by the City of Ottawa and is hereby closed.
The trail has been decommissioned to allow the area to return to a natural state.
Closure is required to preserve the high ecological integrity of the area, which is critical habitat for several Species at Risk that are easily disturbed by human activity.  Trail use has already introduced non-native plant species.  The prevalence of black-legged ticks in this area also increases the risk of Lyme disease transmission.
Hunting continues to be a permitted activity in accordance with the City’s Discharge of Firearms By-law No. 2002-344 and Provincial regulations.”