Hunting in the Carp Hills

People are hearing gunshots in the Carp Hills and asking about whether it’s safe to walk on the Crazy Horse Trail.  The answer is that anyone going out into the bush at this time of year should be aware of the risks and should wear bright orange.

It is now hunting season.   Geese and duck hunting started last month.  Bow season for deer started yesterday, with gun hunting of deer starting on 2 November.  Black bear and small game seasons started back in September. 

The discharge of firearms in the City of Ottawa is governed by the Discharge of Firearms by-law.  The discharge of firearms is allowed throughout the Carp Hills, except within 450 m of the rural estate neighbourhoods.  People may hunt on city-owned land.  They may not hunt on private property without permission from the landowner.

We live in a rural area that has hunting traditions. We expect hunters to hunt legally and responsibly and in turn we need to respect their right to hunt. We hope that hunters will avoid the trail area or use it very early in the morning, knowing that hikers are using it in the fall and likely keeping game away. Hikers should wear bright orange.  We can respect each other’s desire to enjoy the area.

The Crazy Horse Trail lies on city-owned land.  The area is less affected by hunting due to its proximity to the residential areas to the southeast (Westwood), southwest (village of Carp), and northeast (Marchurst Road).  See the figure below.  However, the outer reaches of the property lie outside of the 450m restriction.  For reference, the width of the property is approximately 600m and the length of the property is approximately 1300m.  

Hunting is not permitted in the green cross-hatched area.

For provincial hunting seasons, please see the links below. The Carp Hills are in Wildlife Management Unit 64B.

For the hunting of migratory birds, see this link.  We lie in District 4.