Winter Photography Contest

We are holding a  the Hills in Winter photography contest to celebrate the beauty of the Carp Hills in our coldest season.  The contest runs from now until February 18, 2020.  Along with public glory, the winner receives a one-year new membership or membership renewal to Friends of the Carp Hills.  If the format is suitable (see below), the winning photo will also be used as our Facebook banner for one month and as one of our rotating banners on our website.

Our contest judge is FCH board member Christopher Busby.  Chris has 49 years of experience in every facet of photography—from darkroom manager to professional portraitist to newspaper photographer—and three of his pictures were selected by National Geographic photo editors for publication in Your Shot.

Photographs submitted for the contest will be judged on creative use of composition, lighting, focus, point of view and that indefinable quality of a compelling photograph that captivates the viewer.  Note that you don’t need fancy camera gear to take a great photo: used skilfully and artistically, a smartphone will produce fabulous photos.

The winner will be announced on our Facebook site and website on March 1, 2020.

Contest Rules and Guidelines
  1. Your photo must be taken between January 1 and February 18, 2020, in the Carp Hills.
  2. You may submit as many as 5 photos.
  3. Provide some background about your photo: where it was taken, why you took it, what settings you used, and any other information that your fellow photographers might find interesting.
  4. Photos may be submitted in landscape or portrait format, but if you want your photo to be used as a banner on our Facebook page or website, then it should be in landscape format.
  5. All subject matter is acceptable as long as it is in the Carp Hills: landscapes, animals, plants, rocks, people etc.
  6. Some post-processing is acceptable (cropping, colour correction), but adding artificial elements (e.g. a moon in the sky) or erasing features is not acceptable.  We’re looking for photos that celebrate the natural, unenhanced beauty of the Carp Hills.
  7. Submit photos in JPEG format to our contest email:  Please send one photo per email, preferably no larger than 2 to 3 MB.  We will request a higher-resolution photo from the winner if needed.

We reserve the right to publish all submitted photos on our website or other media. By submitting your photos and participating in the contest, you are agreeing to give copyrights to Friends of the Carp Hills for the use of your photographs in any of its promotional material:  web site, Facebook page, newsletter, brochures, caps, T shirts, etc.