Fall Mushroom Guided Hike – 5 October 2019

We are holding a mushroom-themed guided nature hike on the Crazy Horse Trail on Saturday, 5 October at 1pm.  Professional mycologist George White will share his considerable knowledge and enthusiasm on a fungi discovery journey. There is a $10 participation fee per person payable at the event; children 16 and under are free. You must sign a waiver (see below) to participate.

The cool, moist days of fall tell the fungi that live in the soil and on rotting wood that it’s time to fruit and disperse their spores into this hospitable environment. Thus the fruiting body of fungi – mushrooms – emerge to delight us with their variety of shapes and colours: black “Dead’s Man’s Fingers”, bright orange ‚ÄúLobster mushrooms”, and giant shelf fungi clinging to the trunks of maple trees.

Trail Conditions Checked on Thursday, 3 October – The trail is damp and slippery in places, but not too wet.  Water resistant hiking boots should be adequate.  Lots of mushrooms!

Download, print, and sign the waiver (PDF). Bring your copy to the event. We will have a few blank copies on-site if you forget to bring it.

Meet at the trailhead on March Road at Huntmar Drive by 12:50pm to sign-in before our 1:00 pm start. We will go out rain or shine. However, if it’s raining hard, we may cancel the event. Check our web site for confirmation.

About your guide, George P. White

George began his mycological career with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada where he participated in taxonomic research on molds and other microfungi. He also worked with insects, viruses, nematodes and mycoplasmas and participated in the National Identification Service then offered by AAFC. For 16 years, he was the quarantine mycologist at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency where he was responsible for detecting and identifying fungal pests in imported and exported agricultural commodities. As the Mould Manager, George currently runs a consulting company, RIFDS Inc, where he uses his skills to find and identify fungi for people facing mold issues in indoor settings.