DUC Property Management Plan

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has completed a management plan for its 440 acre property in the Carp Hills.

In February 2019, DUC met with representatives of FCH and the City of Ottawa to discuss the development of a 5 year management plan.  We used the property’s conservation objectives and the ecological study conducted in 2018 to guide the discussion and our decisions.  The conservation objectives are:

  • The Carp Hills property will be managed for the long-term conservation of its environmental, ecological, and biological values.
  • The Carp Hills property may be managed for provision of low impact, recreational uses, where those do not negatively affect the conservation objective.

Highlights of the Plan

Recreational Use – Permitted Activities

  • Pedestrian activities
    • Non-winter use – hiking on designated trail(s) only, which will be marked.
    • Winter use – hiking, snowshoeing, skiing – prefer people stay on the trail.
    • The trail will be accessed via a connection to the Crazy Horse Trail.
  • Snowmobiles
    • DUC has signed an agreement with the West Carleton Snowmobile Club that allows use of an existing trail that runs on the north and west sides of the property. The club has put up signs designating the trail for snowmobile use only and no ATVs.
  • Hunting
    • Hunters have traditionally used the property and DUC would like to continue to allow hunting in compliance with the City Discharge of Firearms By-law with limitations on the distance away from residences.
    • DUC will develop a hunting plan by fall 2019.  Potential conflict between trail use and hunting will be addressed.
    • Hunters must have permission from DUC to hunt on the property.
  • Dogs
    • Allowed, but must be on leash or under direct control.  Owners must pick up and remove dog waste.

Prohibited Activities

  • No ATV’s, dirt bikes, or other motorized vehicles
  • No mountain bikes or fat bikes
  • No camping or camp fires