Carp Barrens Public Meeting

The Friends of the Carp Hills (FCH) invites you to a public meeting at the Huntley Community Centre Mess Hall at 2240 Craig Side Road, on 11 June at 7 p.m. to share your views on the conservation and use of the Carp Barrens on land owned by the City of Ottawa. Councillor El-Chantiry and City staff will be on hand to participate and answer questions.

The FCH has an agreement with the City of Ottawa to maintain low-impact recreation trails for public use in the Carp Hills.  The FCH has offered to host the meeting in this capacity and as a community organization and will publicly post feedback from the meeting on its website.

In the last two years, public use of the Carp Barrens for hiking, hunting, mountain biking, dirt biking, birding, field naturalist outings, orienteering, snowshoeing, and skiing has increased substantially.  Users have created and marked new trails without City authorization. The sensitive vegetation and wildlife of the area have experienced damage and disturbance. Parking on the narrow shoulder of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway creates a safety hazard.

The City’s policies for its natural lands do not distinguish between more and less sensitive habitats in regulating uses. City staff will consider feedback from this meeting in a review of its management practices.

Please come and tell us how you see the future of the Carp Barrens for the preservation of nature and the enjoyment of people.
The Carp Barrens
The City’s property in the Carp Barrens consists of approximately 1,000 acres on the north and south sides of Thomas A. Dolan Parkway (see map).  The area consists of Canadian Shield covered by delicate lichen and moss mats, forests on thin, easily eroded soils, and provincially significant wetlands.  It provides habitat for numerous species at risk, and is a candidate for the designation of Provincially Significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (Life Science).

For more information see our web page about the Carp Barrens.

The Carp Barrens property owned by the City of Ottawa is shown in purple.
(Note: The subdivision plan shown in the area south of Thomas Dolan Parkway relates to an old proposal that is no longer in effect.)