Hidden Lake

The beautiful 121 acre Hidden Lake property will soon have a new resident.  Meet Greg Bell, a young farmer who purchased the land at the end of  2013.  “I was searching for farm land and for some reason the agent brought me to see the Hidden Lake property,” said Greg.  “Although not suitable for farming, its natural beauty and tranquillity resonated with me.  I wanted to live there.”

Other than building his house in an environmentally sensitive manner, Greg’s number one priority is conserving the landscape.  He plans no other structures or alterations to the property.  He shares the Friends of the Carp Hills’ goal to protect the Carp Hills and sees himself as a steward of the land. 

Greg knows that in the past residents have enjoyed walking and skiing in Hidden Lake, but the property is private and not open to the public.  Greg will be posting signs to ensure that people know where the boundaries are and they don’t inadvertently trespass.  ATVs and hunting on the northern side of the property to shoot waterfowl are also not permitted.

People can still experience Hidden Lake in the City-owned 10 acre park next to Greg’s property.  Hidden Lake Park has a short trail that can be accessed from Charlie’s Lane or Hidden Lake Crescent and has a nice view of the lake.  The one kilometre trail is clearly marked by crushed gravel and has two interpretive signs.  When entering the park from Charlie’s Lane, turn left to follow the trail, otherwise you’ll enter private property.

Greg farms 50 acres on Marchurst Road called March Meadow Farms, growing pesticide-free vegetables for roadside and market sales.  Stop by and visit him at the farm. The address is 1490 Murphy’s Side Road.  Like his March Meadow Farms Facebook page to follow what’s happening.  Let’s give Greg a warm welcome to our friendly village of Carp.